Think you’ve seen every party theme there is? Don’t be so sure. Even if you’ve spent a huge chunk of your college or young adult life attending all the party you can, you might have missed some of the most creative party ideas ever.

Today, we’ll share with you 5 party themes we’re confident you haven’t tried yet. Try to prove us wrong — if you see an item you’ve already been to, hit us up! We’re happy to take the L.

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“Memory lane” is a great birthday party theme for a closely-knit group of friends and family. The idea is you have to show up to the party wearing a costume that reminds the celebrant of someone or something that’s a memory you’ve shared together. The potential here is limitless. You can show up with your best impression of your funny-looking grade school teacher, or something more personal like their ex-girlfriend they don’t talk to anymore!



“Throwback” is another nostalgia-based party theme. But instead of something from a specific person’s memory, you will show up looking how you would back in middle school or high school. This would sure be fun for all, especially for people who had an emo phase during their teenage years! Get a few laughs from old friends by doing impressions of your awkward past self.



A hat goes on top of your head, a watch goes around your wrist, and a shoe is worn on your foot.

Well, not in this party.

Here, you need to show up wearing garments different than how they’re supposed to be worn. Get really creative with this one! Shirts? Use them as skirts. Socks? Wear them on your sleeve. Shoes? They’re perfect as hats. Underwear? That’s not how you wear that!



Here’s where you can really get creative. If you were a supervillain, what would you be? Tonight, you get to dress up and act in character! Create your own costume based on your superpower. Your costume would work better if you created supervillain ticks, gimmicks, and catchphrases. Get wild on this one!



This one’s my favorite because it’s so simple yet it has the opportunity to be the most fun.

Ask everyone you invite to the party to bring a flashlight, a candle, or any portable light source for their own personal use. Now, take all the light bulbs out of your house or on the venue. When the night falls, it’s time to party!