DIY Thanksgiving Photobooth Backdrops

Nov 8, 2018DIY Photo Booths


Now that fall season is upon us, it’s time for us to prepare for the fantastic parties and celebrations that are about to come along with the beautiful season. This joyous season features a bunch of great holidays to celebrate such as Halloween, Diwali, and many more! But what makes fall unique and memorable is the Thanksgiving celebration. It gives us a chance to give thanks for the bountiful harvest that we accumulated throughout the year. The fall is a special time worldwide because everyone is celebrating the summer’s harvest. 

To add some fun to your party, document this Thanksgiving celebration with a Fotobomb photo booth. Thanksgiving themed photo booths are part of the process and decorating one is not an easy feat! With lots of concepts to adopt, tons of materials to collect, decorating a photo booth would prove to be a hassle. Below are some ideas you can take so that you may have a clue as to how you could decorate the photo booth in a most Thanksgiving-y way!


Fall Leaves With A Splash Of Flowers

Orange-colored and red-colored leaves would never be absent any Thanksgiving decoration. Since the occasion falls on the autumn season, it would be timely to decorate your photobooth backdrops to accentuate the occasion. That includes lots of hanging leaves along wilting branches to signify the nature’s preparation for winter. And to finish the whole fall look, add some orange, yellow and red flowers to match with the color of the leaves. Don’t be stingy about the leaves and flowers, add as many as you could to bring out the essence of the festivity in the photos you’re about to take.



Halloween just ended, and you could utilize the pumpkins you used during the spooky night for your photo booth. Just flip it to the side where there’s no carving to remove the scary element and bring out the harvest vibe. Pair this up with the traditional fall leaves and flowers, and you’re good to go!


More Hay

Since hay is mostly associated with farming, it’s only natural that you’d use it for your photo booth. Grasses have a natural yellow color that would blend with your other designs. This makes it an excellent background to have a picture. It would match with the pumpkins, leaves, and branches that you could add as part of the photo booth. It’s not a Thanksgiving-themed party without hay!


If these ideas aren’t getting the creative juices flowing, click here for more inspiration.

There are many things you could add to your photo booths such as acorns, candles, and many more. You could even hire Foto-Bomb to decorate it for you! But what’s important is to have a pleasing backdrop to have a picture with your loved ones to commemorate the joyous moment. Have a fun Thanksgiving, you guys!


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