Planning an Easter party?

If you’re not even considering one, we insist that you do. Easter has always been a time of fun, play, and celebration — especially if you’ve fasted throughout Lent.

What more is that this 2018, Easter Sunday falls on the same day as April Fools’ Day. Think about all the fun to be had with your family and friends! There’s no reason to skip an Easter party this time around.

Here at Fotobomb, we have always been about helping you get the most out of occasions. We have several ideas on how to squeeze the most out of the moment with fun, simple, do-it-yourself activities.

And if you’re feeling a little mischievous, we’ve added a prank option for April Fools’ Day!



Thinking of going the usual route for this day? We think you’re missing out on an opportunity, but it’s hard to beat the classics. has compiled seven easy steps for planning and plotting a successful holiday hunt if you’re thinking about it. And it’s real simple.


Here’s what we recommend instead. Are you ready?

Introduce this year’s hunt by saying that you made it “extremely difficult” and that they might never find a single egg — because they won’t. You didn’t place a single one. Keep everyone guessing by providing cryptic clues every 3 minutes. The cryptic clues should point out that there really aren’t any eggs to find. While the kids are going at it, it’s a great time to let the adults in on the prank.

If 10 minutes pass, or if someone legitimately asks, announce that the whole egg hunt was an April Fools’ prank.

Don’t keep your guests disappointed, though. You don’t want to send kids home crying.

Here’s when you announce that you have something different planned for them that day instead of the usual Easter egg hunt! It sets a great tone for the rest of the April Fools’ Day – Easter Sunday celebration!

Now, you better have a list of activities to do. Here’s two:



Oh Happy Day has published an article back in 2011 about a DIY Confetti Egg Game that we think you should definitely do!

However, this involves an egg hunting portion that you definitely ruined above. If you want to preserve that part of the game, keep the prank egg hunting indoors and have the real egg hunting outdoors — or vice versa. That’s so you still had the time to hide the eggs before you come.

Otherwise, you can just ask your guests to ‘draft’ their eggs at the beginning of the game.


The article above already has good tips on how to keep it funky and unexpected, like keeping some eggs raw for the thrill of it. You can also make several eggs containing washable kid’s paint. Here’s one you can buy made by Crayola.



You could get yourself an Easter Bunny Piñata like this one from Amazon where you can add fillers yourself.


Instead of directing the blindfolded person towards the piñata, don’t. Guide them into an open space where they would swing their stick at nothing. They’ll eventually stop when they realize they’re being laughed at by everyone. Have a good laugh for 3 minutes or so!



Having Easter Sunday and April Fools’ Day on the same day won’t happen again for a long while. More importantly, each moment is fleeting and all we can do is reminisce in nostalgia. It’s on us to immortalize every smile and every laughter through great pictures.

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