5 Reasons Why Photo Booth Rentals are Surging in 2019

May 8, 2019Photo Booth Rental

Getting your photos taken is a lot easier these days. Social media and smartphones are shaping our world. You can easily mimic photo booths by buying applications or sometimes, for free!

We interact with photos, we share photos taken on the phone online and we share stories right from our phone to the world. Doesn’t it make you wonder why photo booth rentals are still around?

It may seem unbelievable, but photo booths are still popular and people still rent them for events! How can the old school photo booth rentals exist in a world filled with Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook? 

Surprisingly, they continue to rise. Why? It brings people closer. While it’s easy to snap photos on your phone, photo booths give you an exciting experience and you usually take photos with a group of people. 

1. Customized Photo Booths Boost Event Engagement

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re holding. A corporate event, a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any celebration. Customizing your photo booths will entice people to interact and become a part of the gathering. 

Who would want to miss a photo booth experience, right? Photo booths stand out in events and it gives a unique appeal to event goers.  

2. It Serves As A Souvenir

Apart from the souvenirs you will receive after the event, you can easily grab a hard copy of the amazing photo you just took. This will serve as a souvenir to cherish the moments and fun times you had during the event. 

Guests also have the ability to customize the photos to give your event a personal and sentimental touch. You have to admit, photo booth photos look way more fun!

3. Exciting Moments With Your Peers, Family & Friends

When you’re in a photo booth, you would want to take photos with a group. Photo booth rentals make it better by providing costumes and props like masks, signs, wigs, plastic weapons, boas, necklaces, hats, tiara’s, glasses, and much more. 

How about putting on some wig on grandpa? A tiara on your sister’s head? It could be anything! Photo booth shots are personal, you can customize it however you want with the people you love!

4. It Gives Brand Exposure

If you’re going to hold a corporate event, what’s the best thing you can do to engage with guests? Provide a photo booth rental. Not only will you be able to customize the back drops, the template of the photos, you have the ability to indirectly market your business without hard efforts.

5. All Guests Can Have Their Photos Taken

With photo booth rentals, everyone can be a part of it. Elders may prefer to have their photos taken because it’s a classic, and they might not be familiar with smartphones but still want a photo or maybe some people prefer the old fashioned way. 

The event organizers will also be able to reminisce the event by looking at the photos taken by the guest. It’s a win-win in my book!

You can bring up reasons why some people prefer this over using Instagram and Facebook because it brings people closer.  

Elderly people might like it more because they don’t attend many weddings and may don’t use smartphones.  Some people are old fashioned and this is what they prefer.

Photo booth rentals are not dying, they’re actually rising and will continue to offer unique experiences to deliver better services to those who need them. If you’re interested in renting your own photo booth, you can check our offers here.