5 Simple DIY Wedding Photo Booth Props To Try This Spring

Mar 5, 2019Uncategorized

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life.

Having some wedding photo booth props would make it more memorable for you and your guests.

Pictures are a great part of any event, and planning a successful reception should be one of your main goals. Setting up a photo booth is a good ice breaker and a memorable way for the guests to commemorate your day.

Having a photo booth at your reception allows your guests to have unlimited souvenirs that capture the moment instantly. Although your photo booth rental has its own props, you may ask them to include your own custom wedding photo props if you prefer.

Here are some DIY wedding photo booth props to try:

1. Mustaches

Typically, this is the most common wedding photo booth props that you can do. Mustaches have been a part of the photo booth set up over the years.

There are a lot of varieties for mustaches on the internet and you can find any designs you like and print them. Once printed out, cut the mustache with scissors, glue it onto cardstock, and attach it to a wooden dowel. Rinse and repeat for as many as you like.

Mustache props make for fun pictures and enjoyable experience at the photo booth.

2. Emojis

Seeing these emoticons in your photo booth would bring life to any party. These colorful faces add a little fun and cuteness to your picturesque moments.

Just like the mustache, print the emoticons you prefer, cut them out, glue them onto cardstock, and place it on wooden dowels. Your guests may hide their faces with these emoticons on hand or they might just hold it in place to make the picture more lively.

3. Social Media Frames

Since we live in an era of technology and most people use social media to connect with the virtual world, why not make a frame out of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube? You will be needing a ½ illustration board or any cardboard that you can carry.

Design it according to the social media platform of your choice. Cut the board with a square or rectangle in the middle to make it look like a frame.

Print your own text and shapes and paste it on the cardboard to make it a reality. Add comments, shares, or like buttons where it needs to be placed.
(Click here to see an example of a Social Media Frame Photobooth Props)

4. Text Quotes or Expressions

Print out texts like “I’m his”, I’m hers”, “I’m still single”, “Wedding Crasher”, “Mr. Right”, “Mrs. Always Right”, “Hello, my name is I’m Drunk”, and etc., and paste it on cardboard so you will able to hold it and pose for the camera.

The text that you will be printing should be suitable for a wedding event, or you can be a little edgy and choose text of your own. Posing with these props can add a personal twist to your photobooth story.
(Click here for a general procedure on how to makes these wedding photo props)

If you lack time to prepare for these props, hiring a Photobooth rental is the best solution for you. Have peace of mind as they will make sure you get the best wedding photo booth props for your special day!


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