10 Lovely Guides For A Valentines Day Photo Booth Set Up

Feb 6, 2019DIY Photo Booths

The Feast of Saint Valentine is almost near but are you ready for your Valentines Day Photo Booth Setup?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated once a year especially by all the lovers out there. Lots of couples would probably enjoy going out to parties and getting their pictures taken with their significant other.

Whether you are inviting your friends over or looking for someone to make your Valentines day photo props at your event,

here are some 10 lovely guides to try:

1. DIY Photobooth Frame

Create your own printable Valentines day photo booth frame. You may search for the designs you like online and have it printed or you may want to work on it on your own.

You may buy an illustration board, colorful papers, glue, scissors, and other art materials that you need to make your own frame. It’s up to you on what materials or tools you will use to make this possible.

2. Vintage Heart Garlands

You may want to cut out newspapers or any magazines with a heart shape. Once you have a lot of heart shape cutouts, make small spaces in between and attach them in a string.

Hang this in your ceiling or you can make it as a design on the entrance of your door.

(Click here for an example of the vintage heart garlands)

3. Printable Props

This is the most common and the easiest valentines day photo booth props you can make. You can just search for this online, save it, and print it.

There are printable kiss marks, heart-shaped glasses, lovely shoutouts, and a lot more. If you don’t have any time to decorate or you are in the last minute of your preparation, this is the best option for you.

4. Pink, Red, or White Balloons

You may buy a heart-shaped balloon or any balloons colored in pink, red, and white. Once it is blown up, you may attach a string if it has helium or just a stick if it has none.

If your balloons have helium, you may put a string and put a heavy object below so that it won’t fly up. If you just have a natural balloon, you may put a stick and decorate it according to your own creative idea.

You may put this as a background for your photo booth or just place it in the corner of your main set up.

(Click here for an example of balloons setup)

5. Kissing Booth

This will be a good one to try especially that the “Kissing Booth” movie boomed last May 2018 and this is the first Valentine’s Day that you can actually set it up. You may want to invite your friends over to re-enact the scenes from the Kissing Booth movie.

You may also put up a Kissing Booth and sell a couple of cents or dollars for a kiss!

6. Candy Hearts

Create a heart on colorful papers and cut it out. Write a short sweet language like kiss me, xoxo, hug me, and etc on the hearts.

Once finished, attached the hearts with messages on the stick and you’re done!

(Click here to see more Candy Hearts props)

7. Do It Your Own Backdrop

If you have a black or white cloth, or any cloth you want to use for a background, stick it on a standee. Set it up then add your other decorations to make it more visually pleasing.

(Click here to see a DIY Backdrop)

8. Banners

You may print out words like “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, “Love Is In The Air”, “She Stole Cupid’s Arrow”, or other Valentine’s lines and make it as a banner.

(Click here to for an example of Valentine’s banners)

9. DIY Photo Booth

If you have a lot of time preparing for your party and you want to do your own artsy photo booth, you may get inspirations online. You may set it up using woods, cartons, or any sturdy materials for the structure or foundation of your photo booth.

Then design it with flowers, crepe papers, balloons, and other ideas you want to make into reality. This is the best way of showing your creativity while you are on a budget.

10. Rent a professional Photo Booth

If you have enough budget to rent a photo booth and don’t want to think about any decorations to do, this one is the best option for you!


These are just 10 lovely guides you can do for your Valentines Day photo booth set up. If you want to have the best memory of your Valentine’s Day, book a photo booth rental with Foto-bomb today!