Now that the holiday season is over, the next big event that many are looking forward to is Valentine’s Day. Although not everybody has a significant other to spend the day with, there are cool folks out there who want to extend the fun of the “lurve” day to others by throwing V-Day parties.

If you’re one of those thinking of throwing a V-Day bash for your friends and you’re getting a photo booth rental to amp up the fun of the event. The professionals in photo booth rental Hollister, CA have rounded up the top trends perfect for the occasion in a list below.

Top V-Day Photo Booth Rental Trends:

  • The Movie Poster – Create a background similar to that of popular movie posters and have guests imitate the pose of the actors. This is a lot of fun as guests can get very creative in replicating the poster. Print copies of the poster so everybody can have an easier time copying the poses and facial expressions.
  • Kissing booth – It’s going to be a lot like working with a mistletoe, but everybody who wants to use the photo booth should kiss something or someone. It’s Valentine’s Day so kisses are very appropriate. Prepare toy frogs, pictures of celebrity crushes, a pillow, and other paraphernalia for those who aren’t keen on planting a smackeroo on a human.
  • Thinking in Print – Prepare chalkboard bubble sticks that your guests can write their Valentine thoughts on for their picture. Their photos will be more interesting and funny, as images will include their personal thoughts on the occasion being celebrated.
  • Signed Polaroids – Just prepare a cardboard frame that will make every photo look like a Polaroid print, but give this a twist by asking guests to write a line or two of their favorite love song on the bottom of the frame (so perhaps use a plastic board that you can use a whiteboard marker on).
  • Heart Confetti – Confetti in pictures tend to look really nice – or crazy. They’re the “in” thing and they create the look of authentic joy in photos. Heart confetti can be purchased from Dollar Tree or you can make your own using heart-shaped punchers if you don’t feel like buying them.
  • I’m Cupid – Have Cupid’s props ready for the photos and make sure that everybody does their best cupid pose. Maybe hold a contest on who looks like the best (cutest, most authentic-looking) Cupid in their printed photos.

Make sure to capture the love at your valentines day party this year and book a photo booth rental with Foto-bomb today!