5 Summer Photo Booth Props To Try For Your Celebration

Apr 12, 2019DIY Photo Booths, Props

When you host a celebration, your number one priority should be making sure that your guests have a good time. Nothing will create lasting memories like a photo booth!

Whether you’re hosting a company picnic, planning the perfect summer wedding, or you are organizing a summer party to usher in the new season, renting a photo booth is a great way to bring energy, excitement, and entertainment to your celebration.

The key to having a successful photo booth at your celebration is to have great photo booth props. Props help people loosen up and have fun and can turn an ordinary photo into one that will be treasured forever. Instead of taking one stoic photo at your event, guests will want to take several photos using different props and poses.

Photo booth props provide endless entertainment for your guests, allowing them to connect with one another and create great memories as they pose with the different items you have to offer.

Here are five summer booth photo props that you should try at your next party:

1. Summer themed cut-out props

Nothing says summer like going to the beach, hosting a barbecue, or spending time at the pool. Try creating summer themed cut-out props for your photo booth. Your guests will have a blast taking photos where they pretend to eat a giant ice cream cone or surf on a cresting wave.

For these DIY props, all you need is a color printer, tape, and a bamboo rod. You can make these by printing giant clip art images of flip-flops, beach umbrellas, bikini tops, and other summer fun images and attaching them to bamboo rods for people to hold up in their photos.

Make five or six of these cutouts, and your photo booth will be the talk of your next celebration.

2. Beach props

You might not be able to bring your party to the beach, but you can bring the beach to your party! Provide a beach volleyball or a shovel and pail to help your party guests feel like they are on the beach.

In addition to holding up props, you will want your photo booth to have wearable props as well. Buy an inexpensive, plastic pair of oversized sunglasses or a floppy beach hat that will lead to funny photos. Beach-themed accessories will be a big hit at your photo booth.

3. Hawaiian themed props

Make your guests feel as though they are on a luxury vacation with some Hawaiian themed props for your photo booth. Include a couple of flower leis for your guests to wear around their necks. Your guests will also enjoy flower-print Hawaiian shirts that they can wear over their regular clothes for a fun photo. Complete this set of props with a plastic coconut cup with straws.

4. Pool themed props

As temperatures rise in the summer, going to the pool is a must. Help your guests remember childhood memories of swimming and sitting poolside in the summer with pool themed props. Offer colorful pool noodles for your guests to use in their photos. They can pretend to have a pool noodle fight!

Other fun pool themed props include pool floats and inflatables. These items are an affordable way to step up your photo booth so that your guests can take fun summer pics.

5. Summer themed backdrops

Make sure your guests never have a dull moment by offering a creative summer backsplash for your photo booth. Try creating an ocean backdrop by using mini blue paper fans, blue streamers, or blue balloons. Arrange them using scotch tape so that they form an 8’ by 8’ backdrop that you can use for the background of your photos.

You can create a background of giant 5-foot sunflowers using paper mâché and chicken wire. Use the chicken wire to form the base and the stems of the flowers. Cover these with green paper mâché, and use tissue paper or paper mâché to create petals. Stand a few of these up to create a unique background.

Your summer photo booth props will help take your photo booth and your party to the next level. Show your guests a great time they will never forget when you create or buy one of these great props. For more information about summer booth props or to rent a photo booth for your next celebration, visit foto-bomb.com.

Make your summer celebrations more fun with your picture-perfect memories. If you want to have an easier set-up, just hire a Photo booth rental today!

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