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“Planning a Summer Party: any gathering can be a stress-free experience, if you are planning a summer get-together with family and loved ones, here are some tips that can help minimize some of the stress involved.”

The Summer Party invitation

Your invitation should have three important components. First, you have to tell your guests when you’ll start serving meals. This minimizes the chances of reheating or prepping additional meals for late-comers.

Next, specify what type of attire you’d like the guests to wear. This is particularly important if you are planning to have a specific theme for your summer party.

Finally, tell your guests what your back-up plan is should it rain during your party.

Seats for everyone

The great thing about summer gatherings is that these are less formal. This means that you can use available seats that you have in your home or simply place quilts on the ground for your guests.

However, if you are expecting a sizable number of guests for your party, consider renting additional chairs (and tables).

Let there be light

If your party will run well into the night, you have to make sure that there will be adequate lighting for the festivities. Additionally, lights can add to the ambiance. You can hang string lights strategically around your party and complement these with round bulbs, tea lights and hurricane lanterns.

Sometimes, you may require the use of extension cords. Prevent guests from tripping on these by hanging them over old wire hangers shaped like croquet wickets.

Keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay

One of the drawbacks of having a Summer Party outdoor event during nighttime is that you may have to deal with mosquitos.

One strategy that you can use to prevent these insects from crashing your party is to remove standing water around your property at least a week before.

Setting out electric fans around the party venue can also help a lot as mosquitoes are weak flyers. The best places to put fans are around the deck and near the food table.

You can also offer guests bug wipes but make sure that these do not contain ingredients which can damage clothes.

Create your Summer Party playlist

Create a playlist that will last around four to five hours. In most situations, that will be enough. Put a lot of classics on your playlist and then add a few contemporary hits. This ensures that the music appeals to the broadest number of people. Finally, don’t play the music too loudly that guests have a difficult time talking to one another.

Remember your young guests

If there are kids tagging along with their parents to your Summer Party, make sure that you prepare simple activities that will help them stave off boredom while the adults have some fun.

Rent a photo booth

Let your guests take something home that will remind them of the fun time they had at your party by renting a photo booth. You can even take cues from past photo booth events you have attended by making your own props.