New Year Photo Booth Trends To Start 2019 With A Bang

Jan 9, 2019Party Ideas

Are you up to date on all the most recent photo booth trends?

Thanks to recent trends in social media, photo booths are getting better and better at kicking your party up to new levels.

Photo sharing apps have given us some great new trends and themes this last year, and you have to keep up with all these trends before you get left in the dust.


New Year, New Trends 

If you’re looking to have a photo booth at an event this coming year, make sure you know about all the latest and greatest trends that photo booths are using this year. Here are some of the best trends that are popping up in parties all over the country:

1. Filters

The Photography world has been utilizing filters for a very long time. However recently the filters have become much more interactive.

Since snapchat started adding filters to their camera app, photo filters have gained popularity and are getting more sophisticated.

Photo booths are starting to use filters in a similar way to snapchat in order to add a little more to their photo booth experience. It can really kick your party into gear!


2. Boomerang GIFs

Gifs are steadily becoming the new standard of social media photos. Adding some movement into a photo really adds another dimension to your photography and can make your pictures much more memorable.

Boomerangs are gifs that show footage forwards, then in reverse. When done right, this can give your gifs a very fun and silly feel.


3. Projections

Photo booths are starting to add some fun projections to their booths to give the pictures an overlay of color or effect. This is very similar to a filter, except instead of digitally adding effects to a photo, they are added by projecting colors and patterns onto the subject themselves.

This is a really fun and easy way to add a little more effect to your photos.


4. New Movie Props

What’s the hot new movie this year? Depending on the age of your guests, some quick print movie props can be a fun addition to your photo booth.

Whether it be characters from the newest Pixar movie, too funny cardboard cutouts of your favorite comedic actor, you can incorporate these characters into your photos.

2019 is off and running, and if you’re planning a big party this year, make sure you have a photo booth. Incorporating these great new trends into your photo booth is a fun way to kick your party up a notch.

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