Love the idea of having a photo booth in your celebration but hate the modern look? No need to worry for vintage photo booths is coming back in season once again! Vintage and retro styles nowadays are becoming a trend so it is no wonder why vintage photo booths are starting to exist. People who loves the idea of having photo booths in their weddings or birthday celebrations and are also into vintage things must try this one of a kind photo booth in their lives.

This article will give insight on photo booths and vintage photo booths, how much they typically cost, and other relevant information.

What are vintage photo booths?

A vintage photo booth is just like a photo booth with an exception that they are aged with time, making them vintage and really valuable. With vintage photo booths, you will look back on our photo booth photos with the same nostalgia.

A photo booth is a modern kiosk or something like a vending machine that contains an automated camera and a film processor for instant developing of the picture. Most vintage photo booths and photo booths in general nowadays are done digitally making them easier to access.

Some vintage photo booths are operated by inserting or dropping a coin into a slot which does not require human supervision. For photo booths that are not coin operated, human supervision is highly required.

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Most vintage photo booths have more or less the following;

  • Vintage Props. It’s not a photo booth if they are no props. A vintage photo booth has to have vintage props like a groucho mask, black mustaches, bowler hats, bow ties, masquerade masks, and vintage shades.
  • Vintage Photo Effects. Photo effects will make the photo more vintage. Some vintage photo booths allow their customers to choose a vintage photo filter which will then be applied to the picture. Example of vintage photo filters are black and white filter, film noir filter, vintage dusty filter, VHS noise filter, and analog film filter to name a few.
  • Vintage Styled Kiosk. To tie in the whole feeling together, a vintage photo booth must sport a vintage styled kiosk also. There are a lot of ideas online on what you can do. Click here to look at some vintage photo booth ideas.

In terms of price, vintage photo booths may cause a bit more expensive than a normal photo booth because it is more specific and its design is more special. Especially that it is made better with time, vintage photo booths costs higher than the average. However, every dollar you spent on this photo booth will truly be worth it and you won’t regret getting a vintage photo booth for your celebration or event. Together, we will look at our old photos with the same nostalgia.