Want to have those photo booth rentals for your next birthday party? How about on a family reunion celebration? Nevertheless, photo booths are an excellent choice to add on any event or celebration since it adds loads of fun and you can get an instant photograph directly. If ever you are planning to rent a photo booth or maybe start a photo booth rental business, then this article is for you! Here we will give you basic information about photo booth rentals.

photo booth rental

Selfie couple taking picture in gondola on Venice travel vacation. Beautiful lovers on a romantic boat ride across the Venetian canals taking self-portrait pictures with smartphone during holiday

What are photo booth rentals?

A photo booth is like a vending machine or a modern kiosk that contains an automated coin-operated camera and film processor. Photo booth rentals are the same thing with an exception that you can rent these booths during celebrations, events, and parties. Photo booths today are mostly done digitally which makes it easier and more efficient to use. Even though photo booths existed long ago, they are still a famous choice to add to a party or an event because there is nothing like humble photograph to wrap up a celebration.

How much does a photo booth rental cost?

Depending on the company or on the owner, photo booth rentals are a bit expensive, yet still a nice choice to add to any party. Most companies do not rent by the single hour. There are base packages starting at 2 to 3 hours, with additional costs depending on special features or additional hours. Most of the time, a typical photo booth rental costs $350 which includes a guestbook service and a prop closet.

Some companies offer specialized features also for a price. So if you wish to make it extra special for your event, you might want to consider these.

  • Photo guest album services – $75
  • Social media connectivity or live ability to share photos to social media accounts – $100 – $250
  • Custom photo backdrops or backgrounds – $150 – $300

Where can I find a photo booth?

You can easily find photo booth rentals online. If you have trust issues and wish to talk to them in person, then perhaps you can schedule a visit to their company to meet with them personally. Party companies, event organizers, and photography services company all offer this kind of service. It is best to check up on a few companies before deciding to find out what suits you best.