High school students are looking forward to the last ball of the school year. Coming to school is pretty exciting with the days leading to prom night especially with all the creative “prom-posals” being carried out.

The girls constantly busy planning the look they want for “the” night, as well as planning what to do for the prom after party.

“The prom after party is a must for a lot of young men and women soon to be heading off to college. It’s one of the few events that will get them together with high school chums before they start going their separate ways.”

Ideas worth considering for the special event after the big event:


When the kids are dressed to the nines, they should have a ton of photos. Yes, they will take selfies all night but there’s definitely something more special when it comes to taking images inside a photo booth.

There are more candid shots, more people can fit in the frame, and they can even use props for fun photos. Renting the photo booth is affordable and you can be sure everybody will have a blast taking turns in it.

  • Prepare Games

You’d think the young ones would be tired from all the dancing but they’re like Energizer bunnies when they’re having a good time. Take their enjoyment up a notch by setting your backyard up for lawn games, or your living room for competitive “Head’s Up,” Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and other fun games.

Reward the winners with everything from cheap trophies, Dollar Tree tiaras, and other kitschy stuff – plus, a special round in the photo booth.

  • Prepare a Buffet

Dancing for hours in uncomfortable outfits can surely work up an appetite. Have all the kids over for some munchies when they’re done partying at the formal.

Order pizza, set up a chocolate fondue station, a spread of breads, sandwich fillings, meats, cheeses, and even candies. You’ll be surprised at how ready everybody’s to pig out (especially after going on a crash diet to look nice for prom).

  • Create a Magical Night Under the Stars

Set up your backyard for a fancy camp-out. Hang some fairy lights, show a beloved movie outdoors, lay out some mats and sleeping bags, serve popcorn, and enjoy a night under the stars.

Throw your, soon off-to-college, teen a fun and eventful prom after party they’ll remember forever. Book a photo booth with Fotobomb Photo Booths today!