Christmas is a time for merrymaking, thanksgiving, and (if you’re lucky) a bit of a break before you get back once again to the daily grind

. While the back-to-back parties can be sometimes dizzying, it’s still a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, to get together and spend some quality time with them—and make memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Of course, every party calls for some (or a lot of) picture taking. As the joke goes, if it isn’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen. And after all the food, gifts, guests and cheers and greetings are gone, all that’s left will be the photographs. So if you’re throwing a party this year, you better make sure it’s picture perfect. Here are some Christmas party ideas to help you create your most fun holiday bash ever:

Christmas Party Ideas 1: Costume party.

A costume party is a great way to get the fun started even without the alcohol (yet). The holidays can be stressful for some people, so a costume party is a way to give your guests a chance to be silly and share some laughs. This is one of the parties wherein you definitely will want to rent a photo booth, because every frame will be worth it.

Christmas Party Ideas 2: Activity party.

Want to skip the small talk? Then head straight to something substantial—an activity that allows your guests to get busy with their hands. A gingerbread party will be a hit for both kids and adults. A workshop on making Christmas ornaments leaves your guests not only with a new skill, but also decors they made by themselves. Surely, the photos of the finished products will be cherished whether printed and mounted in your album or shared over social media.

Christmas Party Ideas 3: Recipe exchange party.

This is basically a potluck—but focusing on a theme. For instance, you may want to hold a cookie swap party or an appetizer exchange party. Ask your guests to bring their own specialty for sharing. Create a festive tablescape so you and your guests can partake of the treats, exchange recipe tips and capture the moment in photographs.

Christmas Party Ideas 4: Movie and karaoke night.

If your gang is a laid-back bunch, a movie marathon, a karaoke night, or a combination of both, can be an enticing party idea. You can prepare a lineup of holiday flicks and some jolly tunes for the entire evening. For the food, you go either go for a full feast or some yummy snacks and drinks. Just don’t forget to ask your guests to stop by the photo booth during intermissions for some proof of party fun.